Discover the Aqua Blocks Adventure!

At Aqua Blocks, we're on a mission: to reignite the thrill of learning through play! We know kids are brimming with imagination, whether they're building with blocks or splashing in the sprinklers with pals.

Our innovative, highly portable Aqua Blocks system harnesses this innate creativity, offering an engaging platform that enhances learning and focus while delivering pure fun for your child.

Aqua Blocks leverages cutting-edge STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) technology, enabling children to craft their very own sprinklers. They can deconstruct, rearrange, and experiment with these inventive creations in countless ways, providing endless hours of entertainment and imparting valuable insights into the fascinating realm of fluid dynamics.

Join us in our mission to shift your kids from screens to the great outdoors with Aqua Blocks. It's time to unlock their potential, nurture their imaginations, and make learning an adventure once again!

Our Mission

Aqua Blocks’ mission is to encourage children to experience the outdoors and learn by creating. Our core values are focused on developing STEAM toys that are innovative, educational and FUN!

Splash, Play, Learn

Use it in the pool...or anywhere really!

Aqua Blocks can be used on your lawn, pool, backyard or anywhere with a hose! It's that easy.

Learning made fun

Millions of Combinations

The possibilities are endless. Use Aqua Blocks to construct millions of different builds so the learning (and fun) never stops!

Grab a hose. Grab your aqua blocks.

Setup is a Breeze

No complicated instructions. No batteries. No power outlets. All you need is a hose and your Aqua Blocks. That's it!

Let Your Imagination Flow

Great for Parties

Aqua Blocks is guaranteed to be a huge hit at your next family outing or get together. Watch your kids laugh and play to their hearts content with Aqua Blocks!

Meet The Founder