Aqua Blocks Makes a Splash Debut at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair

Aqua Blocks Makes a Splash Debut at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair

Aqua Blocks Makes a Splash Debut at the 2023 North American International Toy Fair

Transforming Playtime, Igniting Creativity, and Pioneering Outdoor Learning


New York City, September 22, 2023 — Aqua Blocks, the revolutionary patent pending STEAM toy that seamlessly blends education, creativity, and outdoor play, is thrilled to announce its participation as a featured exhibitor at the prestigious 2023 North American International Toy Fair, from September 30 - October 3, at the Javits Center in New York. This marks Aqua Blocks' official debut in the market, making this event an extraordinary milestone.

Aqua Blocks is about redefining playtime and equipping children to be the architects of their own learning adventures. Through an ingenious system of foam blocks and connectors, Aqua Blocks empowers kids to construct dynamic sprinkler systems while diving into the captivating world of fluid dynamics. With millions of possible combinations, Aqua Blocks ensure that every play session is a fresh, imaginative exploration.

The 2023 North American International Toy Fair is the perfect stage for Aqua Blocks to showcase its revolutionary approach to play. Visitors to the Aqua Blocks booth will witness firsthand how children can transform any outdoor space into an interactive wonderland. The vibrant colors, versatile connectors, and mesmerizing water flow capture the imagination while imparting invaluable problem-solving skills and nurturing creativity.

Paul Sheppard, Founder & President of Aqua Blocks, shared his excitement about this milestone, emphasizing, "We believe that learning can be fun, and Aqua Blocks embodies this philosophy. Our participation in the Toy Fair is not just about attendance; it's about marking our official launch. We're passionate about STEAM education and outdoor play, and we're committed to inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers. We can't wait to introduce Aqua Blocks to even more families. Getting kids outside, off their devices, having fun with family and or friends playing in a sprinkler they created is my idea of Fun-ucation!”

Aqua Blocks is a pioneering STEAM toy that merges creativity, education, and outdoor play. Founded with a vision to inspire young minds and nurture a love for learning, Aqua Blocks empowers children to explore science and engineering principles while having fun outdoors. With its versatile foam blocks and connectors, Aqua Blocks transforms any space into an imaginative playground, sparking curiosity and critical thinking. Children can beat the heat splashing in their own sprinkler creation.

Press Contact:

Paul Sheppard
Aqua Blocks, Founder & President
1 (603) 680 5008

PO Box 354
Henniker, NH 03242


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